The Practitioner

Are you looking for a Spa Therapist Uniform, a Massage Therapist Uniform, a Medi Spa Uniform, a Yacht Spa Uniform, a Mobile Massage Therapist Uniform…..??? The list could go on!

As a practitioner in an active workplace, you will instantly feel 10 knots uniforms were made for you. Our uniforms were designed specifically for this industry. Jo (10 knots owner and creator) has been in private practice predominately as a Remedial Massage Therapist since 1999. At times she has diversified and accepted small contracts in world class spas, medi clinics and superyachts. Attention to detail and presentation (in clinic and clothing) is and always has been as important as technique in her business.

Jo’s heart was open and part of every treatment no matter where she was. From out on the ocean giving and receiving Movie Star treatments to setting up her mobile massage table under a leaky roof of a disability carers client’s house. As a therapist you know what it feels like to treat every client equally, be in the moment, giving the best you have for them and without distraction…..that is one of the main drivers beginning the initiative to have a uniform to make YOU feel good whilst making others feel good.

From am to pm appointments, you will feel and look fresh. As a well-presented practitioner your credibility and the client’s confidence in you is boosted.

Paramount to the health industry is providing a hygenic, safe and nurturing environment. The practitioner’s appearance is the frontline first impression, radiating the message your clinic/spa/retreat/medical practice wants to send. Practitioners and clients/patients alike have an unspoken expectation from this industry’s uniforms to look and feel Smart, Conservative and Professional.

10 knots uniforms are comfortable allowing freedom to move, adjustable fit including superb cut and design, made in fabrics that breathe. We provide a Natural (100% Linen) and a Functional (Poly/Viscose/Lycra) worn as a set or combining the two.

Macro and Micro Forecast

Our Micro Forecast is to help the individual therapist (like myself) find suitable uniforms.

Our Macro Forecast is to unify the industry, increasing respect and recognition for what we do.

Jo genuinely wants to make a difference, aesthetically and practically.