10 knots (Australian uniform brand) was born in and created for working in the tropics, our designs and fabrics keep your crew cool and confident.  We are now based in Sydney (Cronulla, founder Jo’s hometown).  All our superyacht uniforms are manufactured here, we have a very ‘hands on’ approach with our finger always on the pulse.

Are you visiting us, or is Australia your home port?  No matter where you are basing yourself, refitting or having provisions sent to, we can easily send samples and work with you in the time frame you have.

As proud members of Superyacht Australia and a long-time member of Superyacht Group Great Barrier Reef, we have a strong affiliation with many marinas along the Australian coastline.  If your stay is going to be short, we can have samples ready at your first port and then, orders can be sent on to your next port (overseas) if need be.

Our uniforms have Classic Modern Lines that allow you to breathe and enhance your yacht’s imprint – if that is even possible?!  Having been in the Superyacht industry ourselves we are very well aware of the criterion to be considered a preferred supplier.  We will meet and aim to exceed your expectations when it comes to:

  • Turnaround.
  • Quality and Consistency in designs and fabrics (rest assured we are ethically made in Australia with low environmental impact).
  • Precise quoting and simplified payment process.

We actually get excited taking care of our superyacht customers!  

We miss being out there, and on some level this helps us feel we are still amongst it.  

Doing whatever we can to alleviate a fraction of your workload and stress by assisting and then delivering beyond expectations is what we do/what we want to do!

We certainly aren’t claiming we can replace your whole crew uniform – 10 knots could be that ‘something different’ piece to change it up a bit.  Many chief stewards dedicate this uniform to specific times, special events, beach dining with your favourite skorts, evening attire paired with our tailored pants or simply everyday wear.  When you have a Spa Therapist on board or a Stew/massage interior crew member, this uniform (or a different colour combination in this uniform) would be, hands down, better than a polo shirt.

We have been operating 12yrs and have over 20yrs experience in yachting.  Enjoy our reliable, friendly service, consistent and quality garments and with stock held on site here in Sydney, your order can be dispatched immediately.  Ticking all the boxes, quality fabrics that breathe, superbly made and a conservative, effortless style.

View more of our website for full coverage then if you like, speak directly to a friendly, helpful real person too!

Have you ever heard the old Norwegian saying “there is no such thing as ‘bad weather’ – only ‘bad clothing’”?  

That’s what we are about, invest in the right quality clothes and the conditions you work in will feel better.  With the exception of being on a sailing yacht 10 knots is considered perfect weather conditions, we would like to think we are helping to create perfect working conditions for you!

Our Micro Forecast is to ensure crew comfort, professional appearance and therefore happier more efficient individuals.

Our Macro Forecast is to enhance the yacht’s beauty/image…not only by means of style but to never underestimate a content, comfortable, confident crew!

“Jo genuinely wants to make a difference, aesthetically and practically.”