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Jo from 10 Knots has got to be the most helpful uniform supplier I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Jo is customer centric in every way. She delivered on everything we asked for and more. Always willing to go the extra mile. Not to mention, the 10 Knots Uniforms are top quality and very easy to maintain as they wash and wear exceptionally well. I highly recommend 10 Knots. I have worked with this company on 3 spa projects now and every uniform I have chosen has been excellent. In Warmth & Wellness,

Sonja Sorich | Director Spa & Wellness, ALBA THERMAL SPRINGS

Hi Jo – I just wanted to say that I was so excited the other day when I emailed you back that I didn’t tell you that the uniforms had already arrived that morning and they are amazing!!! You are so quick, efficient and as usual the presentation and packaging was immaculate – when I do my website up, can I put a link and a little rave on my website about how truly amazing your uniforms are? Seriously, Jo thanks again, fantastic product and service and as soon as I get my high res file from my designer they are off to be embroidered this week. Again, so excited and can’t wait to start showing off the finished product to everyone! Your invaluable advice re sizing was invaluable when choosing the sizes so when they arrived and I tried them on, they all fitted perfectly!

Very Happy Client, Warm regards

You moved heaven and earth
Thank you so much Jo for my beautiful uniforms. You moved heaven and earth to get them to me at very short notice, just in time for my photo shoot.

You even managed to package them beautifully! The whole process of doing business with you from start to finish was a real pleasure and I’m very grateful for your excellent service.

Giselle, Sage for the Soul

It adds a lovely stylish touch!
10 Knots uniforms are by far the best I’ve worn over my 15+ years as a practitioner.

They are well made and stand the test of time. The fabric breathes nicely and they are very comfortable to wear. I find it quite difficult to get clothes that fit properly but the 10 knots tunic is adjustable and fits beautifully, so not only do they feel good to wear but they look great too. I especially like the buckle for the back tie that is included with each uniform – it adds a lovely stylish touch!

Deanne Kalda, In health and happiness, Dee xxx

Tricia from Country Harmony
Many thanks for your follow up and for your wonderful customer service. Yes, I have now received the second black uniform. The uniforms are of exceptionally high quality and feel amazing, not to mention the outstanding design which is very professional. I really appreciate the care and effort you take to ensure that everything is to your client’s satisfaction. I have already told other practitioners about you and will continue to refer people to you.

Tricia, Country Harmony