Foot in the Door

(Generally we all start out a couple of days per week whilst remaining in current full time employment.)


2 tops + 1 pants = $360
(valued at over $400) SAVE over $40
Coupon Code: PP1GIRL


2 tops = $230
(valued at over $260) SAVE $30
Coupon Code: PP1BOY

Diving in Deeper

(Juggling more clients – cause they love you – whilst remaining in old employment leading to less time for washing)


4 tops + 2 pants = $700
(valued at over $800) SAVE over $100
Coupon Code: PP2GIRL


4 tops = $440
(valued at over $520) SAVE $80
Coupon Code: PP2BOY

The Leap

(You made it!  You are a full time therapist living your dream and ditched the old job.)


6 tops + 3 pants = $1000
(valued at over $1200) SAVE over $200
Coupon Code: PP3GIRL


6 tops = $660
(valued at over $780) SAV $120
Coupon Code: PP3BOY


  • Ladies, as we don’t have pants in our range for Men, we offer Men different package options.  If you prefer to not purchase pants, we still have our automatic corporate rate in shop when buying 3 or more tops of same design.
  • Ladies, the tops included in these packs are both Classic and Callisto designs.  If you would like Cilento simply email what you would like, and we are more than happy to propose a pack priced just for you.
  • Ladies, Classic tops come with a complementary buckle.  Callisto’s do not require a buckle, (not included) the ties are longer so they can be tied.
  • We understand it may not be easy to make this decision without trying on.  What you can do is purchase one or two pieces and within 14days you can upgrade to one of our packages, we will adjust the figures accordingly.
  • All packs have Free Delivery within Australia and supplemented Overseas delivery.
  • All packs are your choice of colours and fabrics, giving you the freedom to mix and match.