Garment Care

Simply Smart Washing

To prolong the life and appearance of your 10 knots garment it is important to follow the instructions on the label. We recommend cold water washes which will save more than money, cold washes help lengthen the life of the clothes, preserves colour, colours stay brighter and whites stay whiter longer.

We love our garments so much we recommend using a wash bag every wash – which is why we provide one complimentary with the tops in your order – simply zip up the zipper or close the Velcro and place in a colour coded wash bag.

White garments will stay white providing you wash only with other whites, never with coloured garments and do not use fabric softeners.

Stain Removal

Wash your garments by the end of the same working day for ultimate results in removing stains. Leaving a stained garment for days (especially oils) will hamper your ability to properly clean the fabric. Do not spray spot cleaners on logos as this may cause the embroidery thread to run, permanently fade or change colour.

Oil stains

Cold water wash only, never wash in hot water. Oil sitting on the surface of the fabric will be absorbed into the fibre deeper if washed in hot water and oil is unlikely to ever be removed.