Here at 10 knots (Australian uniform brand) we only work alongside companies with an ethical standards practice in place. We have worked with the team at K J Production House in Sydney, Australia since we began in 2000.

Buying Australian Made from an Australian Owned business also means our product is usually in stock and ready to ship as soon as you order.  Or the lead times are considerably less should we be low on anything. An interesting exert from our Production Manager’s site, explaining why it’s so advantageous keeping business in Australia in addition to supporting our priority of Ethical reasons.

“Using local garment manufacturers has its many advantages allowing more contact, face-to-face communications, reliability and quicker turnover in both manufacturing and quotations.  We only use a selected group of manufacturers in Sydney who consistently deliver the highest fashion industry standards across their garment production.  Karen Jakab has worked with these manufacturers for decades and believes in their ability to deliver, giving confidence that you will be receiving a superior product for your brand label and for the market.

 Offshore manufacturing can be less personal, more time consuming, with somewhat less control due to geographical distance and is always slower in manufacturing and delivery times, particularly with shipping and customs clearance.

 “We take complete pride in managing this part of the process ensuring that you are delivered a product exceeding your expectations.”

Looking back at our ‘ethical foundations’ and ‘ethos from our heart’ in 2000, (seen below) clearly not much has changed, we are just older, wiser and more driven than ever to grow into one of Australia’s (and the world’s) most highly respected and well known uniform brands.

Our brand’s first Checklist…/…Mission List

  • -professional, yet conservative, with style.
  •  -flattering and comfortable – freedom to move, adjustable, superb cut and design.  There should be no fabric ‘flaying’ onto guests or clients.
  •  -quality, durable fabrics which breathe – offering two options: Natural (100% linen) or Functional (poly/viscose/lycra).
  •  -feel fresh to wear, cool and clean, to instil confidence and be in control.
  •  -to give an effortless quiet and powerful first impression.

Our customers can clearly see (and often comment on) how our ethical standards practise and having minimal environmental impact is paramount to us.  We consciously designed garments, website and business with quality, simplicity and efficiency as the foundations. 10 knots turned 10 on 28 October 2020.  We are sure you would agree consistency is key being a uniform supplier!  We love our designs and fabrics so much that yes, it has been consistent!

Consistent, certainly not stagnant, we listen to what has been important to our customers and have evolved accordingly.

The Male design morphed into a Unisex design – ability to add a belt and worn by the ladies 2012. We added ladies pants in 2016. Your uniforms ceased to come in plastic bags in 2018. New designs with sleeves added in 2021 and 2022.

We probably can’t refer to ourselves as ‘up and coming’ any longer but this little piece still applies nevertheless…

“Looking beneath the surface of up and coming Australian Uniform Brand – 10 knots, we see they have thought of everything.  I’d say their biggest point of difference is the fact the uniforms are designed by someone in the industry.  Inside knowledge of what is required and delivering just that.”….editorial 2013.