Spa, Resort & Clinic Owners and Managers lets chat, email or phone and we can work out what you need. We deliver consistent quality designs, fabrics and services. Many of the Spas we take care of have been with us since we began in 2010.


Are you looking for a Spa Therapist Uniform, a Massage Uniform, a Medi Spa Uniform, a Yacht Spa Uniform, a Mobile Massage Therapist Uniform….??? The list could go on!

As a practitioner in an active workplace, you will instantly feel 10 knots uniforms were made for you. Our uniforms were designed specifically for this industry. Jo (10 knots owner and creator) has been in private practice predominately as a Remedial Massage Therapist since 1999. At times she has diversified and accepted small contracts in world class spas, medi clinics and superyachts. Attention to detail and presentation (in clinic and clothing) is and always has been as important as technique in her business.

As a therapist I’m sure you can relate to this little insight of why and how Jo thought of creating 10 knots uniforms… Her heart was open and part of every treatment no matter where she was. From out on the ocean giving and receiving Movie Star treatments to setting up her mobile massage table under a leaky roof of a disability carers client’s house. You know what it feels like to treat every client equally, be in the moment, giving the best you have for them and without distraction….that was the main driver beginning the initiative to have a uniform to make YOU feel good whilst making others feel good.

From am to pm appointments, you will feel and look fresh.  As a well-presented practitioner your credibility and the client’s confidence in you is boosted.

Paramount to the health industry is providing a hygenic, safe and nurturing environment.  The practitioner’s appearance is the frontline first impression, radiating the message your clinic/spa/retreat/medical practice wants to send.  Practitioners and clients/patients alike have an unspoken expectation from this industry’s uniforms to look and feel Smart, Conservative and Professional.

10 knots uniforms are comfortable allowing freedom to move, adjustable fit including superb cut and design, made in fabrics that breathe.  We provide a Natural (100% Linen) and a Functional (Poly/Viscose/Lycra) worn as a set or combining the two.  We are based in Sydney (Cronulla, founder Jo’s hometown).  All our uniforms are manufactured here, enabling us to have a very ‘hands on’ approach with our finger always on the pulse.

Our Micro Forecast is to help the individual therapist (like myself) find suitable uniforms.

Our Macro Forecast is to unify the industry, increasing respect and recognition for what we do.

“Jo genuinely wants to make a difference, aesthetically and practically.”

Enjoy an insight through a beautiful article written to all our customers in the Health and Wellness industries including Eco Retreats, Spas, Medi Spas, Cosmetic Clinics, Massage, Mobile Therapists, Beauty Therapists, Veterinarians, and many others.

10 knots (Australian uniform brand) was born in and created for working in the tropics, our designs and fabrics keep you cool and confident.  Most of our customers were from Port Douglas, The Daintree, nearby islands and beyond.  This prime location is home to a multitude of world renowned island resorts, eco retreats and prestigious health spas where our uniforms are a beautiful addition.  There was clearly inspiration on our doorstep to create timeless, classic, eco friendly and practical designs to clothe practitioners within these wellness spaces.

I have formed strong relationships with managers and owners of many, most have which sampled with a large percentage purchasing our uniforms year after year.  A number of times when managers have moved on to other locations and/or set up projects I have been called upon to submit proposals and samples in their new ventures.

We have grown mostly by referral.  It is very satisfying to know once this uniform is worn it sells itself.

If you are an Owner, you will love us for the quality therefore the extended life/value of each garment.

If you are a Manager you will love us for our exceptional service, fast, reliable turnaround and consistency in the style and fabric.

If you are a Therapist you will love us for the look and feel of the uniforms helping to make your active workday easier!

With a little personalisation (embroidered logo) 10 knots becomes integrated into your brand.  Your uniforms are the initial vision/taste/unspoken word of what kind of statement the spa/retreat/clinic wants to say to it’s guests.  We want our uniforms to whisper loudly to your guests/clients/customers everything your brand represents, escape, reset, refresh, fill your cup, recharge, beautify, relax…..


10 knots uniforms as a brand has many layers, (not literally, our fabric is cool quality one layer)…

We want you to look good, feel good, represent the kind of empathetic, caring, professional therapist you are or are employing.

It is important to us from value for money and environmental view that your uniforms last many washes and continue to look good.

Trending…Eco Aware Retreats are looking for natural fibres – our 100% premium grade Linen is a popular choice in many Eco Spa’s.

Our Poly/viscose/lycra option is equally as popular due to it’s longevity and therefore is also considered eco friendly, not to mention economically attractive and easy to care for.

With over 20yrs in this sector and as the owner/creator of 10 knots I love and feel privileged to still be part of such a vibrant, relevant and evolving industry.  How wonderful it is to be in an industry that supports and encourages environmental awareness, an industry that creates a space people can ‘just be’ and ‘feel’ again?  It is in this space we can focus on what is important without the clutter and at times highlights our conscious responsibilities to ourselves and the world.  What a gift, to ‘make a difference’.

I see our industry has maintained it’s authenticity and consistency to care for clients whilst evolving in new techniques and equipment.  Always striving to treat the person wholistically with environmentally aware practices and locations.

10 knots turned 10 on 28 October 2020.  We are sure you would agree consistency is key being a uniform supplier!  We love our designs and fabrics so much that yes, it has been consistent!

Consistent, certainly not stagnant, we listen to what has been important to our customers and have evolved accordingly…

The Male design morphed into a Unisex design – ability to add a belt and worn by the ladies 2012. We added ladies pants in 2016. Your uniforms ceased to come in plastic bags in 2018. New designs with sleeves added in 2021 and 2022.

Sampling our designs in fabric made from recycled plastics 2021/22

Our current ‘blush’ moment … three of the top five featured retreats in Australia currently provide their therapists with 10 knots uniforms.  In saying that, we probably can’t refer to ourselves as ‘up and coming’ any longer but this little piece still applies nevertheless…

“Looking beneath the surface of up and coming Australian Uniform Brand – 10 knots, we see they have thought of everything.  I’d say their biggest point of difference is the fact the uniforms are designed by someone in the industry.  Inside knowledge of what is required and delivering just that.”  …editorial in Spa Australasia’s Magazine and website (now Spa + Clinic) November 2013.