As the founder and owner of the 10 knots brand I hope our uniforms are just what you have been looking for!  

I like to think of myself as serious, reliable and tenacious when it comes to business.  Quality not Quantity is important to me and I have no trouble appreciating the simple things in life.  I believe my quirky sense of humour, ‘being in the moment’, keeping it light, alignment, balance and having a genuine desire to make a difference in life could be my Quan.

The ocean has always played a large role in my life from growing up in Cronulla, a southern beach suburb of Sydney to meeting, working with, and marrying a seafarer (now master mariner) on the Great Barrier Reef.  Which is how the nautical trademark was born.

After completing Business College, I worked as a Legal Secretary which led to a desire to escape, to find that ‘something more’ factor.  In my early 20’s adventures working on a small elite cruise ship and then a whole other world within the Superyacht life, gratefully, introduced me to many positive, influential people focused on ‘life’, ‘well-being’ and ‘simplicity’.  I felt ready to commit to a career where I could make a difference in people’s lives, I wasn’t sure how, but I knew that it was important to me.

An extensive Diploma in Massage, a wonderful opportunity of ongoing tuition and a love of the work ensured my private practice (predominately Remedial Massage) of 14years was successful including the occasional fun and exciting ‘movie star’ treatment….being flown to Superyachts and private islands as their preferred masseuse.

Presentation and discretion are paramount to me and at this level of service an immaculate, functional uniform is required, it portrays a capable, comfortable, and clean first impression.  I found it very difficult finding a suitable uniform.  Creating my own solved that issue and once I began wearing the uniform, interest and feedback was extraordinary, hinting to me a market may exist.

In my experience massage is never just a physical treatment.  Time and time again I saw my clients whilst receiving massages (and for that matter myself) breaking old habits, making future plans, solving problems and categorising to help the big things seem smaller.  On and off the table I kept getting that niggling feeling that the uniforms I had designed for myself were just what my industry needed!

Little Miss Perfectionist here spent 8years of research to refine her performance based designs and source superior fabrics.  Having also worked on Superyachts, it was a natural progression to incorporate the uniform needs of crew in the designs as well.

Crew and Practitioners seem worlds apart but in actual fact possess many similar needs when it comes to uniforms.  Feel the difference… I designed your uniforms as a crew member/therapist first and a businesswoman second, I genuinely want to make a difference, aesthetically and practically


The 10 knots uniform label started in 2011 although the thought concept began way back in 2000, when Jo searched for suitable attire setting up her Massage Business, as well as looking fabulous for upcoming charters on a local Superyacht.

Have you ever heard the old Norwegian saying “there is no such thing as ‘bad weather’ – only ‘bad clothing’”?

That’s what we are about, invest in the right quality clothes and the conditions you work in will feel better.  10 knots is considered perfect weather conditions, we would like to think we are helping to create perfect working conditions for you!

Attention to detail and presentation are always a priority – ingrained from many years on yachts.  Owners or guests of the yachting scene and clients or patients of the health industry expect a hygienic and professional environment, exceptional uniforms contribute to this.

Jo struggled to find what she was looking for, so in 2001 with a clear picture of her requirements she had tunics made from her own sketches, measurements and notes.  The prototypes received outstanding reviews.

Now believing a market existed, in 2005 the designs and fabric were refined and the serious business of sampling, testing, registering designs and trademarking began.  Throughout the long process she continued full time massage, developing and teaching short massage courses on board Superyachts and the occasional charter kept her hand on the pulse of what was needed in both worlds.


In 2011 the designs were perfected, caring Australian manufacturers chosen and 10 knots made its debut into the health and maritime industries.

We proudly provide uniforms which are consistently designed with comfort, style and professional image in mind.  Understanding when we feel good, we are more effective, productive and confident.


10 knots has consciously designed garments, website and business with quality, simplicity and efficiency as the foundations.

The brand’s first checklist 2001 (which has not really changed)…

  • Professional, yet conservative.
  • Flattering and comfortable – freedom to move, adjustable, sublime cut and design.  There should be no fabric ‘flaying’ onto guests dining or relaxed massage clients.
  • Quality, durable fabrics which breathe – offering two options:  Natural (100% Linen) or Functional (Poly/viscose/lycra).
  • Feel fresh to wear, cool and clean, to instil confidence and be in control.
  • To give an effortless quiet and powerful first impression.

“Looking beneath the surface of up and coming Australian Uniform Brand – 10 knots, we see they have thought of everything.  I’d say their biggest point of difference is the fact the uniforms are designed by someone in the industry.  Inside knowledge of what is required and delivering just that.” ….editorial 2013.

We supply many Superyachts and exclusive Spas throughout Australia and now in USA, Greece, Spain, UK and New Zealand.  There is no minimum order, so we are very popular with individual therapists too.  Definitely not limited to Practitioners or Crew – anyone in an active workplace will love the comfort, style and breathable fabrics!