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Unknowingly the concept of 10 knots uniform brand began in 2000.

Joanne, a qualified and experienced Remedial Massage Therapist, searched for suitable attire in the setup of her massage business which encompassed both land and sea clients.

Attention to detail and presentation (in clinic and clothing) is, and always has been, as important as technique within her business – ingrained from many years on yachts.  Owners or guests of the yachting scene and clients or patients of the health industry expect a hygienic, safe and nurturing environment, which Joanne believes incorporates your crew or practitioners in exceptional uniforms.

Naturally Joanne’s uniforms had a checklist of absolutely imperative qualities.

  • Professional, yet conservative, with style.
  • Flattering and comfortable – freedom to move, adjustable, sublime cut and design.  There should be no fabric ‘flaying’ onto massage clients or guests dining.
  • Quality, durable fabrics which breathe - offering two options:  Natural (100% linen) or Functional (Poly/Viscose/Lycra).
  • Feel fresh to wear, cool and clean, to instill confidence and be in control.

Overall, an effortless quiet and powerful first impression.

The search began in earnest!

2001 arrived, and still unable to find the perfect garment, Joanne with a very clear picture of the exact uniform she required decided to have tunics made from her own sketches, measurements and notes.  The prototypes received outstanding reviews – the concept had taken the next step!

By 2005, Joanne was ready to refine the design and fabric.  As the research and development reached a new level, Joanne began to receive feedback and realised through this process that there would be many crew and practitioners ecstatic with uniforms which have been designed specifically with their needs in mind.

The serious business of sampling, testing, refining, registering designs, trademarking and planning began.

The evolution continued as she realised the enormous number of physically demanding jobs requiring an exceptional, functional and professional wardrobe solution.

In 2011 the design was perfected, quality fabrics and soft labels sourced, caring Australian manufacturers chosen, 316 marine grade stainless steel buckle created, all under the keen eye of Joanne herself.  10 knots made its debut into the health and maritime industries.

With this intense, hands on approach, you can rest assured that the product will be simply outstanding!

A word from Jo: "I feel privileged to have a
career which is so rewarding and one which
has lead to another passion...10 knots"

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